Limpidoo Stage


Limpidoo Stage. Design and Display. Explore 360°.

A Product full of Grace. Grace trough brilliant Design.

It’s the HARDWARE that enables new Technology. It’s the HARDWARE that drives the Design.

A new World all around you. Your Product promoted in the Limpidoo Stage.


Great Content.

Great Design.


Augmented Reality.

Story of your Life.



Product or Service.


Watch it!

Watch it!

Watch it!


The Limpidoo holographic showcase Stage M is ideal presentation medium to present products, technologies or services. With the floating hologram physical products are overlayed by a virtual content. Your product advertised in the Stage M – a breathtaking Eyecatcher. The Stage M guarantees the WOW effect for your product, technology or services. Stage M is medium sized and applies best in small rooms or environments.

Technical Specification

Size: 770 W x 410 H x 520 D (mm)

 Weight: 17 kg

Format: 1920 px X 1080 px up to 4K

Storage: Internal Storage

Autostart: Yes

Mode: Plug & Play

Power supply: 230V

Stage M

Your location of placement is on a larger scale? Or your physical product is just larger? The Limpidoo holographic showcase Stage L is the ideal presentation medium for larger products. You want to promote a service or innovation without placing a phyiscal product? The large Stage L is a breathtaking eyecatcher itself. It lets people stop and give your content a blank look.

Stage L

Technical Specification

Size: 1180 W x 630 H x 890 D (mm)

 Weight: 23 kg

Format: 1920 px X 1080 px up to 4K

Storage: Internal Storage

Autostart: Yes

Mode: Plug & Play

Power supply: 230V

Make to Order

You require a customized solution according to your corporate design, product or service?

Our offering: 


up to lot size one!

Flexibility is our asset. Our supply chain is efficient, agile and customer focused.

Limpidoo Accessories

       Design your own Idea


Limpidoo Base is the native accessory of the holographic showcase Stage and available in all standard sizes of the Stage. For the perfect symbiosis of Stage & Base we offer 5 different standard versions of Base:

Accessory – Make to Order

It’s the hardware, that enables new technology. It’s the hardware that drives the design. If the target design requires changes according to the corporate identity or individual request, the Limpidoo Base can be customized. Limpidoo Base supplements the unique design of the Stage. Limpidoo Stage is made to order – Base is made to order.

Your product is made to order – your accessory is made to order! Limpidoo accessories supplement the unique design of your Eyecatcher.

It’s the hardware, that enables new technology. It’s the hardware that drives the design.

Our developed add-ons combine functionality and design in the highest quality. Increase your attention by combining our tools with product placement in related accessories.

All accessories are designed and manufactured in Germany.


Interactive screen


Hypebox is based on a transparent display. It enables the viewer to see the real product inside of the showcase while digital content is played on the see-through LCD screen. A new way to put products in line with digital media.

Combine the technical sophistication of the showcase with your unique product to create a novel and eye-catching presentation.

Content that impresses, surprises, is humorous, and amazes the consumer generates a lot of attention. With the Hypebox you create this content simply playful.

This makes product presentations incredibly new and convincing.

The showcased products are safe and protected against thieves.

Do something new & innovative to showcase your products in a new way.

Low operating costs and low energy consumption.

Touch Table

Playfully experience


The Limpidoo Touch Table is the allrounder in digital content. It is an innovative platform to engage with customers and guests at eye level. Depending on applications it can be used as a multi user system, meaning that several people can work on it independently. Users can visualise contents or products at the same time or work together on a common project.

Through individual content creation, this tool can be used in all possible applications.

We adapt the size, design and integrated hardware of the Touch Table individually to your corporate design and the overall concept.