Work / WHW Hillebrand Gruppe / IZB 2018


WHW Hillebrand Group has been the leading company for cathodic corrosion protection for more than 80 years.
Using special, in some cases specially developed chemical as well as process technology surface solutions, they provide their customers with market advantages.
In efficient, state-of-the-art coating plants, they finish everything from bulk material through to geometrically very complex components.

They have specialised in particular on coating technologies and services for the automotive industry. Here, compared to many other industries, the highest standards and requirements for surfaces apply are demanded. WHW Hillebrand Group is the first choice for corrosion-protective and functionalising surfaces in Europe for many well-known automotive suppliers, especially the manufacturers of screws and fasteners as well as stamped and bending technology firms. In addition, WHW Hillebrand Group’s customers can also be found in all other branches of industry.

The processes and chemical products used here are developed according to customer requirements in the WHW Hillebrand Group development centre in many cases and produced by Hillebrand Chemicals GmbH.


The customer executes multiple marketing event series to promote products and communicate news to customers like architects, planners and other stakeholders. The goal of this exclusive event tour was to promote new products and solutions to a broad audience in different locations in Europe. Therefor multiple modular and compact presentation applications have been concepted to enable ‘emotions.


The customer was looking for an opportunity to present the new cooperation with the biggest german sports cars manufacturer. Therefor it was hardly requested to have an outstanding presentation with an innovative symbiosis of physical car model and animated content. Limpidoo designed, engineered and build a customized Stage, supported by a strong content story that showed the timeline of the event series.